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Three simple words when used together are so powerful. Never could I have imagined the effect they have on those around me. I’ve always liked to consider myself as a caring person and have tried my best to help where I could but, once I started using the words, the results were miraculous. The more I used “HI, I like you” to help brighten someone’s day the more I began hearing others saying (and meaning) the same thing. People’s lives were being changed in a happy and positive, way.

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If you’re in possession of this t-shirt it’s already working. Now, it’s up to you to Spread the Like. It’s easy. This shirt is inherently positive. Once you put it on, you’re going to feel positive. People around you will feel more positive. Because of you, people will start to Spread the Like to everyone around them. Apply the following technique before wearing your Positive Apparel “Hi, I Like You” shirt and truly believe in the power of Like.

  1. Go to your happy place. Think of your passion until it fills you with joy: family, adventure, puppies, the highs in life.
  2. Next, envision your world of happiness and spreading it to everyone around you. Then say to yourself,        “I’m ready to Spread the Like!”
  3. The big moment! Put on the t-shirt and look in the mirror. It might be backwards but it still says “HI, I Like You.” Go Spread the Like; it starts with you.
  4. If you like someone, give them a shirt. Maybe the one right off your back. Then tell them the rules. We can all Spread the Like in our own way and remember, it is truly better to give then receive.

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